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Ohrid – the old city of light

This is not a story,

but a reality, an eternal one, and one which so far no one has managed to retell. Probably no one hasn’t even tried. There are several places in the World which simply cannot be retold. When standing in front of their monuments, the remains of the ancient civilizations, and the temples where you forget your identity, the only thing your intellect allows you, is respect and contemplation, thinking of the things that are yet to be discovered and explored. Here in Ohrid the smartest, the wisest and the most powerful people throughout the centuries had only one goal – to leave their mark. Ohrid simply couldn’t be conquered, but it would immediately become the seat of the most powerful men and it would continue to live its life where the conqueror entering the city wouldn’t charge in, but bow to the city.

Today it is the same,

In Biblical Macedonia, every path leads to Ohrid. The person coming to Ohrid is at first amazed, and afterwards, deep within his soul, bows to its marks, which simply encourage you to understand or maybe to wonder – why certain places have been chosen to be different, praised and unique in the whole world.

That’s what Ohrid is like,

The ancient Lihnid, whose fortress is mentioned for the first time by the historian Livius, way back in the third century B.C. According to explorers, this is where apostle Paul has resided on his journey dedicated to teaching and spreading the faith in Christ.

Ohrid is the center of Christianity for all Slavs, an archbishopric seat, a seat of schools and universities, the first ones in this region, and even further. Today Ohrid remains a center of archaeological sites and discoveries. Ohrid is the city of 365 churches. One church for each day of the year.

This fact has been evidenced in the 14th century by Evliya Çelebi in his travel books, and in the Middle Ages Ohrid has been called the Slavic Jerusalem.

The city of the first cave-churches in this region, where one forgets time and space and receives unique answers. The city where monasticism laid its wisdom and God His divine wisdom.

Ohrid is the prize for Biblical Macedonia – can be said or thought of, only by those who have seen and felt it. Feel Ohrid for once in your life and you already know why you will return and why it simply cannot be retold.