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St. Naum Monastery

        One of the most beautiful monasteries in Macedonia and an important pilgrimage spot. The setting on a plateau over Ohrid Lake with Galicica mountain and National Park on the backside are breathtaking. It was founded in the 905 by St.Naum, but the present-day church was built in the 16th c. The frescoes of the side chapel were painted in 1806 (they depict the life and miracles of St.Naum). In the first chamber of the church (the entrance hall) look for the fresco of St.Cyril and Methodius and their students including St. Clement and St. Naum. The icon screen was made in 1711 and it is the oldest completely preserved wooden high icon screen in Macedonia. Inside the side chamber, it is popular to get down on your knees over the tomb of St. Naum and try to listen to the heartbeat of this saint`s heart 11 centuries after he died. Around the church look for the peacocks including a rare albino one. Bigger part of the dormitories of the monastery are turned into a hotel now. Near the monastery there is a chapel with holy water and behind it a pond formed by the several streams that spring from the sides and some of them from the bottom.