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Airport Alexander The Great - Skopje, Macedonia


As an IATA accredited travel agent operating in Republic of Macedonia, we have access to 256 airlines in 117 countries comprising 83% of the total traffic in the World (Available Seat Kilometers). 

Macedonia is a very fast developing tourist destination and its airports (Skopje and Ohrid) are the fastest growing airports in South-Eastern Europe. 

TAV Macedonia in the period January – November 2015 marks 21% increase in the total number of passengers at both Macedonian airports – Skopje Alexander the Great and Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle, reaching 1.435.053 passengers. At the same time, the total number of operations is 14.244, with an increase of 10%. With 30 connections to Skopje Airport and counting, it is getting much easier and cheaper to travel to Macedonia nowadays. 

VIS POJ DMC has become one of the biggest sellers of airline tickets in Macedonia since it was established 14 years ago. To get the most prompt service at a minimal price, please send your inquiries for quotations on our email address: info@vispoj.com.mk

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Skopje Airport Summer Timetable

26 Mar - 28 Oct 2017