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DURATION: 8-9 hours

Suggested departure: 08:30


Lake Ohrid is one of the world`s oldest lakes. Approximations about the age of the lake vary from one to five million years up to 10 million years, thus covering a broad range of glacial and interglacial ages and cycles. Lake surface area of the 358 km² belongs to 2 neighbouring countries. Two thirds belong to the Republic of Macedonia and the smaller part of one third belongs to the Republic of Albania. 
Another peculiarity of Lake Ohrid is its extraordinary high degree of endemism, including more than 210 described endemic species. Taken its size into account, Lake Ohrid has the highest degree of endemism worldwide. Therefore, Lake Ohrid is one of the very few lakes in the world representing a hot spot of evolution and a potential evolutionary reservoir enabling the survival of relict species...



Price List


2-3 persons

 70 euro / person

4-7 persons

 45 euro / person

8-16 persons

 35 euro / person

The price includes:

* licensed tour guide

* transportation

* entrance fees

* lunch in a national restaurant

Trip Program



* Morning departure to Pogradec.

Its a small town located very close to the Macedonian – Albanian border. On the way driving by the east coast of Lake Ohrid seeing the breath taking views of the national park "Galicica" and its peaks touching the sky. 

* Stop in Pogradec for a short walk in the center and a coffee break. 

* Continuing toward Macedonian side again (1 hour drive), on the way to Vevcani situated on the slopes of Mount Jablanica.

This village can offers the guests some interesting things: a rare natural beauty, clean air, water (legally protected), still running old watermill. It will be a cultural trip into the past: an interesting combination of architecture of the old houses and the local people still living according to the traditions of the past. In one of the restaurants in Vevčani we will have lunch with homemade rakija (brandy), wine and traditional food prepared by the good old masters of the Macedonian cuisine.

* Lunch in a national restaurant in Vevcani. 

* Visit to the springs and the old watermill  by foot. (short walk of 15-20 min)

* Departure to Struga (14 km away)

Struga is an important tourist destination in Macedonia. This small town, situated on the north side of Lake Ohrid, is known as the city of poetry - every August here is held the International Poetry Festival "Struga Poetry Evenings". This is the birthplace of the brothers Konstantin and Dimitar Miladinov, famous Macedonian poets and reformers of the 19th century.   
Struga has a mixed ethnic population: Christians and Muslims. We will take a short walk to the main city market, where the guests can feel and enjoy the scent of various herbs, colourful fresh fruits and vegetables and the atmosphere in the market.
We stop at the point where the river Crn Drim exits the Lake and continues north toward the Adriatic Sea. From there we walk through the center of the town and the pedestrian area full of different type of shops. 

* Departure to Ohrid (15 km away)

End of the program 



* Visiting two countries in a daily trip (Macedonia and Albania)

* Panoramic views of one of the oldest lakes in the world - Lake Ohrid

* Visit of three cities on the coast of Lake Ohrid: Ohrid, Pogradec and Struga

* The beautiful mountain village Vevchani and its springs and waterfalls

* Experiencing the everyday`s life of the locals around Lake Ohrid both in Macedonia and Albania

* Tasting some delicious dishes from the local cuisine