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Via Egnatia - the ancient Roman road which connected ancient Rome with Constantinople built in third century B.C. 1200 km long, from the Adriatic to the Aegean Sea, with significant part of it passing through Macedonia and the City of Lights ( Lychnidos), was very important travel, trade and military route in that time. 
Several cave churches can be found on that ancient route. The biking tour starts from Ohrid. After 6 km ride is the first church - St. Erazmus, dating from III century A.D. He was very important person for spreading the Christian religion in this area, with strong cult respected until today. 200 meters on a single track walk, higher than St. Erazmus, with a magnificent view of the Lake Ohrid and its north and west shore is located St. Ekaterina, a small cave church dedicated to a young Christian woman who was killed in the III century A.D. 

Riding along the lake shore, the biking tour continues to the neighbour town – Struga, famous for its river Black Drim and the Struga Poetry Nights – an event held annually for over 60 years, where poets from all over the world present their poetry. 
5 km from Struga is located the Monastery of Virgin Mary with its 13 th century cave church and monk cells hidden in the rock. The yard of the church provides a magnificent view to the lake and its surrounding. 

Following the lake shore on a 5 km long ride is the village Radozda, famous for its 13 th century cave church dedicated to St. Archangel Michael. Situated high above in the rocks, it provides an amazing view to the lake and Ohrid city.

Trip Program

Total distance: 52 km.
Time: 6h
Biking distance: 52 km on flat asphalt road.

Difficulty: EASIEST



Tread surface Hardened or surfaced
Average grade less than 5%
Maximum grade Max. 10%
Natural obstacles and technical trail features (TTF) None