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A panoramic view worth the struggle 

(Mountain biking trip)

Imagine the enjoable moment: you can have a breathtaking view of a UNESCO protected area, on one side Lake Ohrid and on the other side Lake Prespa. Observing two different lakes from one standing point.

You`ll be able to walk on tectonic stones dated from the Paleozoic period, discovering some of the thousands plants and animal species in this unique climate range. There are actualy 14 endemics only to this mountain - the National Park Galicica. Also 160 species of daily butterflies can be found during the summer period. If you have a little luck, the true trademark and the spirit of the mountain, you will meet the Lynx Martioni.

The transfer starts in Ohrid, a short brake is taken at the springs at Korita and the Korita hill viewpoint. After that the road continues to the pass at an altitude of 1580 m above sea level, which offers unforgettable view of the Lake Ohrid and all the settlements on both Macedonian and Albanian side. 

The first section on foot is a 4 km long dirt road uphill to the 400 meters higher Vlakoj Signoj Peak, at an altitude of 1980 meters. The uphill walk takes almost 2 hours, but is rewarded with unforgettable view, due to the mountain position, stretching between the two lakes, the two pearls of the Balkans. 

There is not a single soul that has remained untouched by the sight of the vastness of the water on both sides bellow. To the north is the rest of the mountain Galicica, further south is Magaro - the highest peak, at 2254 m a.s.l. To the west, across Lake Prespa is mount Baba and to the east across Lake Ohrid is mount Jablanica. 



Trip Program

Full day excursion: 7-8 hours

Difficulty: DIFFICULT 

Transfer: 40 km

Biking distance: 30 km (20 km on asphalt road, downhill and on flat terrain, 10 km off-road downhill) 

Hiking distance: 3 km uphill and 3 km downhill off-road