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Find out now the nature and humans can wok together 

Have you ever thought of seeing something unique during your holiday? We all know that human knowledge from centuries in the past combined with the nature around can be useful for everyone. Let us see and enjoy all of these things together. Just 6 km away from Ohrid, in the village Kosel is located the dead volcano Duvalo. Here you can feel the smell of sulphur hudrogen coming directly from the small craters and holes. The sulphur hydrogen crystallizes into sulphur dust, which the local population use, because of its healing power for skin diseases. 


Further on, at the 20th km following the river Koselska and Recicka is the village Recica. The road to the village passes through colorful natural surroundings, where the silence makes you enjoy the sound of the river. Into the village we can see how the juman knowledge from the past with the help of nature can be combined in a useful way. By building rolling mills (whirlpools), people here wash their clothes, blankets and other wollen covers, without any detergent, solely using the power of the water.


Here we can enjoy and refresh before starting our way back. Cycling downhill we can visit the place called Rajska Dolina, where the endemic species of Ohrid trout are grown into fish ponds and can be served for the visiting guests. Juste before the end we can`t miss the opportunity to taste some of the local seasonal fruits: Ohrid cherry, strawberries, apples, plums, etc. at uncle Stojce`s yard in the village Velgosti. These fruits are typical species originated from this area, not treated chemically. 



Trip Program

Biking distance: 50 km

(45 km on asphalt road and 5 km off-road - easy ascent)

Time approx.: 5 hours 

Difficulty: EASY


Tread surface Firm and stable
Average grade 5% or less
Maximum grade Max. 15%
Natural obstacles and technical trail features (TTF) Unavoidable obstacles 5 cm tall or less; avoidable obstacles may be present