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The traditional cultural event “Prlicev’s Oratories” in Ohrid celebrates the life and work of Grigor Prlicev, a very famous writer and poet from Ohrid (Ohrid, 18 January 1830 – Ohrid , February 6, 1893). 

05 February:
The festivity at the hall of the House of culture “Grigor Prlicev” is the central event. After the performance of the choir at the House of culture and the introductions of the director of the Institution, follows the speech about Grigor Prlicev.

"Everything that is said about Prlicev, is only a beginning and it is the basis for his future discovering. He belongs to humanity. His poetic spirit is human. He comes to us from the future" - quotes from the speech of the poet Slave Gjorgo Dimovski. 

After the speech there is a presentation of the winning prize poem for that year. 

On the second day (06 February), the “Prlicev’s Oratories” events are revolving around the monument of Prlicev in front of the House of culture where fresh flowers are being placed and the poet’s grave on the Ohrid hill, where a service takes place and afterwards someone is giving a speech. 

At the Memorial museum - the house where Prlicev was born, the afternoon is usually dedicated to a literary reading. 

“Prlicev’s Oratories” traditionally is ending “Ohrid visit” at the City`s Library.