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Sv. Jovan Bogoslov - Kaneo
St. John The Theologian - Kaneo

        Located on the southwestern side of the hill above Lake Ohrid is the church dedicated to St. John the Theologian - Kaneo. It is not certain when it was built and fresco painted. It was probably built in 1290. This old church is in a cruciform shape with rectangle basis. It has three-sided apse on the eastern side and an octagonal dome. It should be underlined that the structure is harmonious and it is highly successful in the ornamental shaping of the facades and the dome. The architecture of the church is important when studying the medieval monuments of culture. The broadly accepted viewpoint is that the constructor achieved a highly successful combination of Byzantine and Armenian architectural elements. Notable about the cute architecture is Armenian influence in the zig-zag line of the roof of the dome. St.John Kaneo church is most known for its scenic location, standing on a cliff over Lake Ohrid. There are only few frescoes left inside, but the feeling of standing in centuries used sanctuary is worth the entrance.