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DURATION: 4-5 hours

Suggested departure: 10:30


First we reach Struga. It is an important tourist destination in Macedonia and just 14 km away from Ohrid. This small town, situated on the north side of Lake Ohrid, is known as the city of poetry. Every August here is held the International Poetry Festival "Struga Poetry Evenings". This is the birthplace of the brothers Konstantin and Dimitar Miladinov, famous Macedonian poets and reformers from the XIX century.
In Struga is located the natural-scientific museum of "Dr. Nikola Nezlobinski", a place of particular interest to the visitors with exhibitions about the wildlife of Lake Ohrid and its surrounding. Struga has a mixed ethnic population: Christians and Muslims. We will take a short walk to the main city market, where the guests can feel and enjoy the scent of various herbs, colourful fresh fruits and vegetables and the atmosphere in the market.

Five kilometres from Struga is located a small village named Kalista, where the monastery dedicated to the Birth of Virgin Mary-Kalista is located, with several churches and the old cave monastic cells (13th century) in the rock. This monastery is the summer residence of the Holy Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. A real rarity is the miraculous icon of the Black Madonna in the church dedicated to the Nativity of Virgin Mary.

After the visit of the monastery we will be heading to the village of Vevcani, situated on the slopes of Mount Jablanica. This village can offers the guests some interesting things: a rare natural beauty, clean air, water (legally protected), still running old watermill. It will be a cultural trip into the past: an interesting combination of architecture of the old houses and the local people still living according to the traditions of the past. In one of the restaurants in Vevčani we will have lunch with homemade rakija (brandy), wine and traditional food prepared by the good old masters of the Macedonian cuisine.


Price List


2-3 persons

 53 euro / person

4-7 persons

 40 euro / person

8-16 persons

 35 euro / person

The price includes:

* licensed tour guide

* transportation

* entrance fees

* lunch in a national restaurant

Trip Program


* Morning departure to Struga  – panoramic view of the city located on the shores of Lake Ohrid, laced with bridges, dotted with deligthful architecture. The river Crn Drim flows through the heart of the city after its journeys from the springs near St. Naum through Ohrid Lake, as well as the Natural-scientific museumNezglobinski founded in 1928.
It contains a wide variety of insects, birds, fish and animals from the Ohrid and Prespa region

* Visit to the monastery complex Kalista - where the small cave churches are situated high in the rocks. The paintings in the churches are dating from the 14th -16th century

* The trip continues towards the village Vevcani – a large village built on a steep hillside and sheltered by a mountain. Its architecture is most appealing with many old houses and buildings of all styles and shapes. The sound of water can be heard running through channels throughout the village. It comes from the famous Vevcani Springs which have a water flow of between 400-4000 l per second

* Viewing of the typical styles of water-mills

* Refreshment and lunch/dinner in national restaurant with drinks and meal

* Departure to Ohrid

End of program




* Beautiful panoramic views of Lake Ohrid and the mountains surrounding it

* Visit of the point where river Crn Drim exits Lake Ohrid and continues north to the Adriatic Sea

* Visit of the very old cave churches in the village Kalista (XIV century)

* Viewing of the typical architecture in the mountain village Vevcani and the old water mills still in function today

* The delicious Macedonian cuisine